The Ultimate Minecraft Beginners Guide + Pictures

The Ultimate Minecraft Beginners Guide + Pictures

By Entertainment 727

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The Ultimate Minecraft Beginners Guide + Pictures ★★ ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME!! ★★

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■ Detailed screenshots for each tutorial ✓
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■ Redstone Guide & Tutorials ✓

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Basics – Getting Started
Creating a world – Creation options, modes, difficulty
Welcome to the world! – Your avatar, biomes
First steps – The interface, punching trees, crafting the basics
When the darkness comes – Why you need to be indoors, crafting a bed
If it all goes wrong – Death, respawning

CHAPTER 2: The Name of the Game
Tools of the trade – How to make them, what to use
All that glitters – Ores, obsidian
The basic building blocks – Dirt, wood, sand, etc
Liquid blocks – Water, lava, buckets
The bottom of the world – Bedrock, the void
Want a fight? – Weapons, armour
All the colours of the rainbow – Dyes, wool
Somewhere to keep your stuff – Chests, Ender chests

CHAPTER 3: What’s Out There?
Don’t go unprepared – Useful stuff to take with you
Village/Desert Village
Desert Temple
Jungle Temple
Abandoned Mine

CHAPTER 4: Creatures Who Won’t Try to Kill You, aka Passive Creatures
Snow Golem

CHAPTER 5: Creatures Who Will Try to Kill You, aka Hostile Creatures
Cave Spider
Spider Jockey

CHAPTER 6: Creatures Who Might Try t o Kill You, aka Neutral Creatures
Iron Golem

CHAPTER 7: Hungry?
Grown from the ground - Wheat, melons, carrots, potatoes, apples
Food that moved – Pigs, cows, chickens, fish
Encouraging friendliness in your livestock - Breeding
More food! – Bread, cake, cookies, mushroom stew, pumpkin pie

CHAPTER 8: Getting Around
On the rails – Rails, minecarts
Riding the water - Boats
Pink mounts – What saddles are for

CHAPTER 9: It’s Not Electricity
Doing the wiring – Redstone wire, redstone torches
Flipping switches – Buttons, levers, pressure pads, tripwires, pistons, sticky pistons
Anything else? – Yes, but…

CHAPTER 10: Other realms - The Nether
Opening the way – Building a portal
New grounds – Protect your portal, Nether blocks, Nether fortresses
Those who live there – Zombie Pigman, Ghast, Magma Slime, Blaze, Wither Skeleton

CHAPTER 11: Other realms – The End
The beginning of the End – Eyes of Ender, finding a stronghold
Accessing the End – Portal room, activating the portal, before you go
Enter the End – Blocks, population
The Ender Dragon – Description, combat, victory, the ending

CHAPTER 12: Enchanting
The enchanting table – How to craft it
Boosting the power – Bookshelves
Spending your skill points – Enchanting, enchantment types

CHAPTER 13: Brewing
The necessary equipment – Brewing stand, flasks, water, cauldrons
Hubble bubble… – Ingredients, potion effect 


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